Today in the city Hamburg 23.04.2018

'Flamboyant' jihadi linked to 9/11 terror cell captured by Kurdish forces in Syria

A Syrian-German jihadist linked to the 9/11 attacks on the United States has been captured in Syria by US-backed forces, the Pentagon said on Thursday. Mohammad Haydar Zammar, who has been accused of...

Hamburg Data Protection Officer Opens Non-Compliance Procedure Against Facebook

BERLIN (Reuters) - Hamburg's data protection ombudsman has opened non-compliance procedures against Facebook, which has been accused of abusing its...

Improvised tools and weapons

15 deadly improvised prison weapons and tools Nothing, it seems, brings out the ingenuity in a person like prison Remember, who makes a weapon when none are available ? And who hangs around in priso...

Massaker at Jungfernstieg Station Hamburg / Germany

Eyewitness! A man says in the video: "He cut the baby's head, oh my god." After a man from Niger (80% Islam) slaughtered his German ex-wife and his 1-year-old daughter with a Knife on the pl...

Syrian refugees leaving Germany over family reunification policy

Syrians granted limited asylum but denied the right to fetch relatives are departing Germany for Turkey by using smugglers, say German media. The cases, if confirmed, bizarrely reverse the "Balka...

Hamburg To Ban Diesel Vehicles

Hamburg soon will become the first city in Germany to ban most diesel vehicles from driving on several key streets in an effort to cut down on air pollution.

2 dead in stabbing at Hamburg subway station

Police say a woman and her child have died after being stabbed by her ex-husband at a busy subway station in central Hamburg.

Why Aldi Is Joining Karstadt - Is It A Blueprint For The U.S.A.?

Aldi discount food store will be in Karstadt's Hamburg store. I examine the possibilities that discount food stores could generate more traffic for retailers in the United States.

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